A hybrid multi-keyboard system, powered by Korg and designed by Keysound, that gives the player complete control over their musical performance. Ultimax keyboard systems give you the freedom to play live without the need for automatic styles. Yes, Ultimax allows you to decide on the skill level required. With simple switching, you can benefit from the pre-programmed style accompaniments or take control of the bass line with the bass pedal board. Professionally prepared single touch registrations treat you to amazing sound combinations from Cathedral Pipe organs, Laid back jazz combo's, Big bands, right through to Full Orchestral Presets.
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  • Ultimax Pa600 in Satin Finish
    Enter a whole new world of music creation with the Ultimax PA600. All genres of musical taste are catered for on an instrument that has been designed to re-create full combination sounds LIVE! At the touch of a button the Ultimax PA600 can become a Full Orchestra, Rock Band, Classic Organ, and much more. The real limit is your imagination.
    Ultimax Pa600 in Satin Finish
    Our Price £2990.00
  • Ultimax PA900 in Satin Finish
    If you want to learn to play a musical instrument and can't decide which one, then the Ultimax PA900 combines piano, organ, guitar, drums, percussion, brass, woodwind, and strings, all into one instrument. With two 61 note keyboards and a bass pedal board you have complete control over your musical performance.
    Ultimax PA900 in Satin Finish
    Our Price £3645.00