Find out the age of your Yamaha Keyboard or Organ or Digital Piano
Steve Dove
16 November 2014
Release Year Home Keyboards Professional Products Technical Leaps
1962 · D-2    
1964 · C-1    
1965 · B-6    
1966 · E-2 · A-3 Silicon transistor
1967 · D-2B, B-7, B-7D    
1968 · B-2, B-6B, E-3    
1969 · D-7, D-7R · YC-10  
1970 · EX-42, B-6E, B12, B-12R, E-3R · YC-20, YC-30 IC (Integrated Circuit)
1971 · D-3, B-4B, D-4BR, B-5BR, B10AR, B-20R, B-6ER, E-5, BK-6    
1972 · B-4C, B-4CR, B-10BR, B-30R, BK-5, BK-20A, DK-40A, E-10AR · YC-25D, YC-45D  
1973 · BK-4, BK-7, B-5CR, E-5AR    
1974 · CSY-1, B-2R · SY-1  
1975 · GX-1, CSY-2, BK-2   LSI (Large Scale IC)
VCO, VCF, VCA (Voltage Control Technology)
1976 · B-40R, B-50R, BK-4C, BK-5C, B-20CR, BK-20C, B-30AR, DK-40C, D-30E · CP30  
1977 · E-30, E-50, E-70, EX-1, EX-2, A-40, A-60, B-40, B-60, B-45, C-40, C-60, D-80 · CS-50, CS-60, CS-80, CP20, CS-10, CS-30, CS-30L, SS30 PASS(Pulse Analog Synthesizer System)
1978 · A-45, A-55, B-35, B-55, B-75, C-35, C-35i · CS-15, CS-5  
1979 · CN-50, 305, 315 · CP10, CS-15D, CS-20M, CS-40M, SK10  
1980 · D-65, D-85, 405, 415
· PS-2, PS-1, PS-3, TO-1
· SK20, SK30, SK50D  
1981 · E-75, E-45, 6000
· PS-10, PS-20, PS-30
· GS1, GS2, CS-70M, CP11, CP25, CP35, SK15 FM Tone Generator (Frequency Modulation System)
1982 · A-505, B-205, B-405, B-605, B-805, C-405, C-605, 7000
· HS-200, HS-500, PS-30B, PS-3(I),(S), PC-100, PSS-30, MP-1, HS-400, HS-501, PS-300
· CE20, CS01, SY20, CE25, CP11W, CP7 CD
1983 · FX-1, FX-3, FX-10, FX-20, FS-100, FS-200, FS-300, FS-500, MR-1
· PC-50, PS-35, PS-35S, PS-55, PS-55S, PC-1000, MK-100
· YP-10, YP-20, YP-30, YP-40
· DX7, DX9, PF12, KX1, DX1, PF10, PF15 VLSI (Very Large Scale IC)
1984 · F-5, F-15, F-25, F-35, F-45, F-55
· PS-6100, PCS-500, PS-200, PCS-30, PSR-15
· KX5, RX15, RX11, RX11, P400, QX1, FS1, TF1, TX116, TX816  
1985 · CVP-3, CVP-5, CVP-7, CLP-20, CLP-30
· PSS-150, PSS-450, PSR-40, PSS-110, YPR-6, YPR-8, PSR-50, PSR-60, PCR-800, PSR-70, PSS-260, VSS-100
· QX7, TX7, DX21, DX5, RX21, DX100, DX27, KX76, PF70, PF80, QX21, RX21L  
1986 · FS-30A
· CLP-40, CLP-50, CLP-45, CLP-55, CLP-200, CLP-300
· PSS-160, PSS-560, PSR-11, PSR-21, PSS-120, PSS-360, PSS-460, YPR-7, YPR-9, PSR-6300, PSS-170, PSS-270
· DX27S, QX5, MDF1, SDX27S, DX7-2D, DX7-2FD, PF50, PF60, RX5, TX81Z  
1987 · HS-4, HS-5, HS-6, HS-7, HS-8, HX-1, HX-3, HX-5, CHX-1
· CVP-10, CVP-6, CVP-8, CLP-500, CLP-100, CVP-100MA, CVP-100PE
· PSS-130, PSS-470, PSS-570, PSR-22, PSR-32, PSR-12, PSS-370, VSS-30, PSR-80, PSR-90, DSR-1
· RX17, DX7S, TX802, ARM1, QX3, DX7-2C, WX7, RX7, V2, PF85, TX16W, TX1P AWM Tone Generator (Sampling System)
1988 · US-1, US-1000
· CLP-250, CLP-350, CLP-550, CLP-650, CVP-20
· DD-10, PSR-16, PSR-36, PSR-6, DD-5, DSR-500, PSS-140, SHS-200, VSS-200, PSS-480, PSS-680, PSS-8
· RX120, PF2000, G10, G10C, QX5FD, PF1200, PF1500, RX8, TQ5, WT11, WX11  
1989 · CLP-650W, CVP-30, CVP-50, CVP-70, CLP-570, CLP-670, CLW-12, CLW-14
· PSS-20, PSS-280, PSS-380, PSR-27, PSR-47, PSS-580, PSS-780, PSR-37, PSR-2500, PSR-3500, PSR-4500, PSS-100, PSS-80, PSS-80R
· V50, SY77, TG55  
1990 · CLP-260, CLP-360, CLP-560, CLP-760
· YPR-20, YPR-30, PSR-2, PSR-28, PSR-38, PSR-48, PSS-190, PSS-290, PSS-390, PSS-50, DD-6, PSR-18, PSS-590, PSS-790, PSR-4600
· SY22, SY55, CS100, TG77, TG33, QY10  
1991 · EL-30, EL-50, EL-70, EL-90
· CVP-55, CVP-65, CVP-35, CVP-45, CVP-75, YPP-15, YPP-35
· PSR-31, PSR-100, PSR-200, PSR-400, PSR-500, PSS-102, PSS-104, DD-11, PSR-6700
· RY30, SY99, TG100 GM
1992 · ELX-1
· YPP-55, CLP-121, CLP-122, CLP-123, CLP-124
· DD-12, DD-7, PSR-SQ16, PSR-150, PSR-600, PSR-75, PSS-11, PSS-21, PSS-31, PSS-51, PSR-5700
· RY10, SY35, SY85, TG500, QY20
· CBX-101, CBX-201
1993 · EL-20, EL-27
· CVP-25, CVP-83, CVP-85, CVP-87
· DD-3, PSR-110, PSR-210, PSR-300, PSR-310, PSR-410, PSR-510, PSR-1700, PSR-2700
· TG300, VL1
· CBX-K3, CBX-S3, CBX-D5, CBX-302
VA Tone Generator (Physical Modeling System)
1994 · EL-37
· CLP-152S, CLP-153S, CLP-153SG, CLP-154S, CLP-155, CLP-157, CVP-89
· PSS-12, PSR-6000
· RY20, TG300GRAY, P-300, VL1m, VL7, W5, W7, RY8
· MU5, MU80
1995 · EL-17, EL-87
· CVP-49, CVP-59, CVP-69, CVP-79, YDP-88
· PSR-185, PSR-320, PSR-420, PSR-215, PSR-4000, PSR-520, PSR-620, PSR-77, PSR-7000, PSR-A3
· A7000, QY22, P-150, QS300, A7000 Ver2, SU10, W5 Ver2, W7 Ver2
· CBX-D3, CBX-K1, CBX-K1XG, MU50, DB50XG
1996 · CLP-311, CLP-411, CLP-511, CLP-611, CLP-811, CLP-911
· DD-50, PSR-190, PSR-220, PSR-230, PSR-78, AR-100
· G1D, G50, P50m, QY700, VL70m, CS1x
· CBX-PCC10, MU90, MU90B
1997 · CLP-555, CVP-92, CVP-94, CVP-96, CVP-98, YDP-88II
· PSR-330, PSR-530, PSS-14, PSS-7, PSR-630, PSR-730, PSR-130, PSR-8000, AR-80
· A3000, AN1x, B1D, QY70
· MU100
1998 · EL-900
· CLP-810S, CLP-820, CLP-840, CLP-860, CLP-880, CVP-600
· PSR-195, PSR-225, PSR-79, PSR-D1
· EX5, P-200, EX5R, EX7, WX5, FS1R, CS2x, EX5S, RM1x, SU700
· CBX-K2, MU100B, MU128, MU15, SW1000XG
FS Tone Generator (FM + Formant Shaping System)
1999 · EL-500, EL-700
· CVP-103, CVP-105, CVP-107, CVP-109, YDP-101, P-80, CVP-700
· PSR-240, PSR-270, PSR-340, PSR-540, PSR-640, PSR-740, YPR-50, PSR-9000
· RY9, CS6X, A4000, A5000, CS6R, S80
· MU100BS, MU2000, MU1000
· MA-63W
2000 · EL-900m, EL-400, EL-200
· CLP-920, CLP-950, CLP930, CLP-970, CLP-970A, CLP-955
· PSR-280, PSR-260, PSR-160, PSR-GX76, PSR-9000Pro
· S30, SU200, QY100, DJX-II, DJX-IIB  
2001 · CLP-910, CLP-990, CVP-201, CVP-203, CVP-205, CVP-207, CVP-209, P-120, YDP-121, YPP-200
· PSR-170, PSR-225GM, PSR-262, PSR-282, PSR-350, PSR-550, PSR-1000, PSR-2000, DD-35, DD-55, EZ-20, EZ-30
· AN200, DX200, S03, RS7000, MOTIF6/7/8  
2002 · EL-100
· CLP-170, CLP-150, CLP-130, CLP-120, CLP-110, CVP-900, P-60, PF-500, PF-1000, YDP-223, YDP-123, YDP-113
· PSR-292, PSR-290, PSR-202, PSR-125, PSR-A1000, DGX-500, DGX-300, DGX-202, DGX-200, TYROS, YPP-100, LW-15
· S08, S90, P-250, MOTIF-RACK  
2003 · CLP-175, CLP-115, CVP-210, CVP-208, CVP-206, CVP-204, CVP-202
· PSR-2100, PSR-1100, PSR-275, PSR-273, PSR-172, PSR-K1, EZ-J24, EZ-J14, EZ-250i, EZ-150, EZ-EG, EZ-AG, DD-20S
· MOTIF ES 6/7/8, P-90
· 01X
2004 · ELS-01/01C(STAGEA)
· CVP-309, CVP-307, CVP-305, CVP-303, CVP-301, CLP-F01
· PSR-3000, PSR-1500, PSR-450, PSR-295, PSR-293, PSR-175, DGX-505, DGX-305, DGX-205, DGX-203, DD-55C, EZ-TP
· MOTIF-RACK ES Internet Direct Connection
2005 · CLP-280, CLP-270, CLP-240, CLP-230, CLP-220, YDP-323, YDP-213, YDP-131, YDP-151, P-140, P-70
· PSR-E303, PSR-E203, PSR-A300, TYROS2
· S90 ES, MO6/8  
2006 · ELB-01, DDK-7
· H01, N-100, YDP-151, P-140, P-70, P-65
· TYROS2, PSR-S500, DGX-620, DGX-520, DGX-220, PSR-E403, YPT-400
· MW12, MW10
2007 · CLP-295GP, CLP-265GP, CVP-409, CVP-407, CVP-405, CVP-403, CVP-401, YDP-S30, NP-30, P-85, F11, F01, CGP-1000
· PSR-S900, PSR-S700, PSR-E313, PSR-E213, PSR-OR700, YPT-310, YPT-210, EZ-200, DD-65
· MOTIF XS 6/7/8, MM6
· n12, n8, MW12CX, MW12C, MW8CX, MW10C
Sweet Spot Morphing Technology
2008 · CLP-380, CLP-370, CLP-340, CLP-330, CLP-320, CLP-S308, CLP-S306, YDP-160, YDP-140
· DGX-630, DGX-530, DGX-230, PSR-E413, PSR-S550, Tyros3, YPT-410
· BF-1
2009 · ELS-01/01C type U
· N3, N2, R01, H11, P155, YDP-S31, CVP-509, CVP-505, CVP-503, CVP-501
· PSR-E323, PSR-E223, YPT-320, YPT-220, PSR-S910, PSR-S710 · TNR-O
· S90 XS, S70 XS
· CP1
SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) tone generation system
2010 · YDP-V240, YDP-181, YDP-161, YDP-141, DGX-640, NP-V80, NP-V60, P-95
· PSR-E423, YPT-420, DD-45, YDD-40, Tyros4
· MOTIF XF 6/7/8
· CP5,CP50
· DTX900, DTX500
"Textured Cellular Silicone Head"